Conference Programme

Borderlines XXI

Conference Programme

Thursday 13th April

18.00: Informal ‘Meet & Greet’ at the Abbey Tavern pub on Gilabbey Street.

Friday 14th April

9.00 – 9.30: Registration. Aula Maxima, North Wing, Main Quad.

9.30 – 9.45: Welcome Address in West Wing (WW5)


Aula Maxima and West Wing rooms 5 and 6 in the Main Quad, UCC.

Friday 14th April 9.45 – 11.00

Session Municipal Authority
Place West Wing 5
Chair Dr Edel Semple
Paper 1 ‘Sinne…hath overflowed thy banks and thy buildings (ô thou glory of Great Britaine)’: The Infiltration of London by Strangers and Foreigners in Thomas Dekker’s The Seven Deadly Sinnes of London (1606)
Dana Kovarik
Paper 2 ‘‘‘My great patron thought on in my prayers”: King Lear and the Chivalric Ideal’.
Jeri-Smith Cronin
Paper 3 ‘Urban Oligarchy and Municipal Authority in Ireland, 1377-1534’.
Kieran Hoare

11.00 – 11.15 – Coffee and Tea Break in the Aula Maxima

Friday 14th April 11.15 – 12.30

Session Authorising Kings Law on Authority
Place West Wing 5 West Wing 6
Chair Dr Simon Egan Niall O’Suilleabhain
Paper 1 “The Change of Power in England: Norman Conquest and English Historiography (Twelfth-Century)”
Pia Zachary
‘The King’s Authority in the Early Irish Law-text Recholl Breth.’

Jody Buckley-Coogan

Paper 2 ‘“A Williamitish Piece all thro’”: the cultural marketing of King William III on the Dutch and English stage’

Sonja Kleij

‘The Status of Noble-Freemen in Early Medieval Ireland’

Maria Hallinan

Paper 3 “Advising on Authority: Models of Kingship in Clariodus, an Older Scots Romance”

Ruth Caddick

‘Corrupt Officials and Deprived Peasants: Governmental Malfeasance in Pre-Black Death Lincolnshire’
Jack Newman

12.30 – 13.30: Lunch Break

Friday 14th 13.30 – 14.45

Session Succession and Authority Parental Authority
Place West Wing 5 West Wing 6
Chair Dr Meadhbh O’ Halloran Dr Philippa Byrne
Paper 1 “A Mandate from the Masses? Civil law and the Jacobean Succession”

Matthew Innes

“Familial Structure in the Icelandic Saga: Egil Saga Skallagrímssonar and the Rejection of Fatherly Authority”

Lauren O Brien

Paper 2 “The representation of the medieval queens Eleanor of Aquitaine, Eleanor of Castile and Eleanor of Provence during the succession crisis of Elizabeth I”
Lauren Browne
‘Familial Authority in Fifteenth-Century Florence and Alberti’s ‘I Libri della Famiglia

Samuel Whittaker

Paper 3 ‘John Dee’s Textual Reconnaissance: Authority, Historical Precedent and the Construction of a Usable Past.’

John Carrigy

14.45 – 15.40: Free time – meeting back at main gates of UCC at 15.40 for Cork City Gaol Tour

16.00-17.00: Cork City Goal Tour

18.00: Dinner at Moroccan Restaurant Sultan. Corkage: €5 per wine bottle and €1.50 per bottle of beer.

Conference resumes in the Ground Floor, Seminar rooms G_27 and G_27b in the O’Rahilly Building.  

Saturday 15th April 9.00-10.15

Session Subversion of Authority Books and Authority
Place G_27 G_27b
Chair Kaitlyn Culliton Andrea Di Carlo
Paper 1 ‘Early Modern Profanity and Post-Truth: Royalist Newsbooks in the wake of defeat 1647-52 ‘

Daniel O Sullivan

“The Huth Psalter and Authoritative Images”

Han Tame


Paper 2 ‘Authorial Authority and Gender: Mechthild von Magdeburg, Heinrich von Nördlingen and Margaretha Ebner’

Catherine Coffey

‘The Disappearing Face of God: Providence, Sovereignty and Identity on Frontispiece’s of the Great Bible, the Geneva Bible and the Bishop’s Bible.’

Thomas Pritchard


10.15 – 10.30: Coffee Break

Saturday 15th April 10.30 – 11.45

Session Authority in an Irish Context The Authority of Translation
Place G_27 G_27b
Chair Riona Doolan Niamh Kehoe
Paper 1 ‘‘Extrinsicall honour’ and Manhood in the Correspondence of Colonel Dudley Costello and Viscount Dillon’
Casey Dunn
‘Biblical auctoritas for earthly authorities: the persuasive rhetoric of Adam Marsh’

Dr Philippa Byrne

Paper 2 ‘You’re not my real Dad: Parental and Foster-parental authority in medieval Irish literature.’

Thomas O Donnell

Obey the One Who Made You! Obedience and Translation in the Old English Version of the Acts of Andrew and Matthew Among the Man-Eaters

Glenn Cahilly-Bretzin

Paper 3 ‘Prelates must behave like the apostles’. The use and misuse of apostolic authority in fourteenth-century Franciscan debate.
Bridget Riley
The Authority of the Book: the Bible and its Politics

Andrea di Carlo

11.45 – 12.00: Comfort Break

Saturday 15th April 12.00 – 13.00

Session Power and Authority in Late Medieval and Early Modern Ireland (c.1300-c.1641) Propaganda to Legitimise Kingship
Place G_27 G_27b
Chair Lydia Poland-Cronin Dr Diarmuid Scully
Paper 1 ‘Power and authority in the Gaelic west: a new model for exploring late medieval Irish and ‘British’ history’

Dr Simon Egan

“Crush their impudent contumacy”- Edward the Confessor’s authority as King

Sarah Woodburn

Paper 2 ‘The Limits of Authority in Early Modern Ireland: Problems of the early Ulster Plantation, c. 1609-1641’

Dr David Heffernan

“The Macclesfield Psalter and Authority”


Jennifer Mansfield

13.00 – 14.00: Lunch Break

Saturday 15th April 14.00 – 15.15

Session Subverting and Subverted Figures: Witches, Fairies and Scapegoats Textual Authority
Place G_27 G_27b
Chair Dr Karen Moloney Dr Thomas Birkett
Paper 1 “Maintaining the structures of social authority: the scapegoat in pre-modern Europe”
Evana Downes
‘A Linguistic and Historical Analysis of the Word ‘conspire’ in Early Modern England
Jack Beal
Paper 2 “Real and Counterfeit: Shakespearian Fairies and Demythification.”

Kaitlyn Culliton

‘The Authority of the Dictionary: how Somner’s Dictionarium shaped the study of Old English in the seventeenth-century and beyond’

Rachel Fletcher

15.15 – 15.30: Tea and Coffee Break

15.30 – 16.45: Keynote Speech: Prof. Michael Brown – “‘Brexit and the ‘new British history’: A late Medieval perspective”, introduced by Dr David Edwards

17.00: Wine Reception in the Aula Maxima

20.30: Conference Dinner at La Dolce Vita. Three-course set menu price: €28 per person.

Sunday 16th April 10.00 – 11.15

Session Competing Authorities Religious Authority
Place G_27 G_27b
Chair Dr Ken Rooney Dr Shane Lordan
Paper 1 “Young blood doth not obey an old decree”: The Authority of Appetite in Shakespeare.

Mark Ronan

Dirty Discourse: Contamination and Alterity in Medieval Europe

Dr Aisling Reid

Paper 2 ‘“Hire sadnesse for to knowe”: Gender, Violence, and Interpretive Authority in Chaucer’s Clerk’s Tale

Elizabeth Maffetone

“Beyond the flesh”? Bernard of Clairvaux as a religious authority for twelfth-century Cistercians.

Georgina Fitzgibbon

Paper 3 ‘‘That friendly way of using me’: diplomacy, representation, the Jacobites and the Habsburg court, c. 1725-1735.’

Stephen Griffin

‘Power and the Money, Money and the Power: Projecting Episcopal Authority in Central France around the year 1000’.

Niall O’ Suilleabhain

11.15 – 11.30: Tea and Coffee Break

Sunday 16th April 11.30 – 13.00

Session Early Modern Interpretation of Medieval Sources and Religion Authority in your Pocket: Images of Power on Byzantine coins
Place G_27 G_27b
Chair Dr Carrie Griffin Dr David Woods
Paper 1 “Episcopal Authority on a Permeable Border: The Frontier Bishoprics of Cambrai and Langres in Comparative Perspective, c. 880-1030”

Dr Fraser McNair

‘”Winging it?” The iconography of Near Eastern crosses’.

Michael Burling

Paper 2 “`The Guardian of England’: Lanfranc; Politician and Primate”

Clare Morrisson

‘Coins and Co-Emperors – Imagery and Legitimacy of Gentle Usurpation in Middle Byzantium’
Joseph Parsonage
Paper 3 “Subverting Virgilian Authority in Dido, Queen of Carthage

Dr Meadhbh O’Halloran

‘“The Power behind the Throne?” Images of Imperial Women and Authority in Byzantium’
Lauren Wainwright
Paper 4 “De-authorising history and the subject: Dido in the House of Fame and its sixteenth-century afterlives”
Dr Joel Grossman
‘By whose authority? How might we begin to determine who decided what images appeared on coins?’
Maria Vrij

13.00 – 13.45: Lunch

Sunday 16th April 13.45 – 15.00


Session Female Authority
Place G_27
Chair Alison Killilea
Paper 1 “Motherly Authority”

Sarah Jayne Ainsworth

Paper 2 “The “auctoyrté of chesyng”: challenging authority in The Book of Margery Kempe”

Rachel Ireland

Paper 3 ‘no way under compulsion’: The cultivation of authority in the earldom of Mar under Isabella Douglas, Countess of Mar

Dr Katy Jack

Historic Walking Tour of Cork City with Dr Simon Egan, followed by farewell drinks in the Woodford Bar.